Ford Lawn Tractors

The Fordson tractor company has roots back to 1917. Shortly thereafter the company merged with todays Ford motor company. Ford was best known for its vintage 8N and 9N models. The company purchased Sperry-New Holland in 1986 to form what is now New Holland. In 1991 Ford decided to get out of the tractor business and sold ownership to Fiat.

Ford Lawn Tractors
GT-65 LGT-12 LGT-145 LGT-18H LT-111 LT-80
GT-75 LGT-120 LGT-14D LGT-195 LT-12 LT-81
GT-85 LGT-125 LGT-14H LT-100 LT-12H YT-12.5
GT-95 LGT-14 LGT-165 LT-11 LT-75 YT-16
LGT-100 LGT-140 LGT-17 LT-110 LT-8 YT-16H