Kubota Mower Attachments

Kubota entered the US market in 1969 with a small 4WD tractor. Since the companies innovative products have grown it into the primary force in the compact tractor business. This success drove the creation of Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) in 1988 and Kubota Industrial Equipment in 2006 (KIE). These two facilities are responsible for building 40% of the US products. Today Kubota builds not just small tractors, but also farm tractors, utility vehicles, lawn equipment and light construction machinery.

Kubota Mower Attachments
RC72-28 RC54-FZ21 RC60-F24 RCK40LTB RCK54-23BX RCK60B-24G
RC72-36 RC54-G20 RC60-FZ21 RCK44LT RCK54-24B RCK60B23BX
RC-82H RC60-21 RC60-G20 RCK44LTB RCK54GR RCK60P-21Z
RC40-G RC60-24B RC72-25 RCK48 RCK54P23BX RCK60P-28Z
RC40LT RC60-25 RC72-29 RCK48-20ZG RCK54TG RCK60P-331Z
RC44-G RC60-71B RC72-29A RCK48GR RCK60 RCK60P-F36
RC44LT RC60-72 RC72-F20 RCK48LTB RCK60-21B RCK72
RC48-G RC60-92 RC72-F24 RCK48R-21G RCK60-24B RCK72-30B
RC54-24B RC60-B RC72-FZ21 RCK48TG RCK60-29B RCK72P-28Z
RC54-71B RC60-F19 RCB-60-1 RCK54 RCK60-30BA TG2742
RC54-F19 RC60-F20 RCK40LT RCK54-22BX RCK60B-22BX