Mitsubishi Farm Tractors

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Company came out of a merger between Mitsubishi and Satoh. Very few tractors ever bore a Mitsubishi logo in the US, however many of their products have been sold here under badges from Mahindra, Cub Cadet, International Harvester, and LS Cable.

Mitsubishi Farm Tractors
D1300 D2500 GF130 GS200 MT1801 MT260
D1500 D2650 GF150 GS210 MT200 MT300
D1550 D3250 GF170 GS230 MT2001 MT301
D1650 D4000 GOK26 GS250 MT210 MT3201
D1800 GCR55 GOK34 MT160 MT2201 MT372
D2000 GCR65 GS160 MT1601 MT2301 MT4501
D2300 GCR75 GS180 MT180 MT250 MTE2000