New Holland Farm Tractors

New Holland Agriculture, part of CNH global, has roots back to the Spery corporation of 1947. Prior backing has also come from Ford motor company, and today's fiat Ltd. CNH is one of the largest equipment conglomerates in the world offering everything from large combines and tractors down to small lawn and garden equipment.

New Holland Farm Tractors
3010 T3010 T8.390 TC31DA TJ530 TN80F
4010 T3020 T8.435 TC33 TK100 TN85
5010 T3030 T8010 TC34 TK4030V TN85A
8670 T3040 T8020 TC34DA TK4050 TN85DA
8970 T4020 T8030 TC35 TK4050M TN85FA
9184 T4030 T8040 TC40 TK4060 TN90
9280 T4030F T8050 TC40A TK76 TN95
9282 T4030V T9.390 TC45 TK80 TN95A
9384 T4040 T9.435 TC45A TK85 TN95DA
9480 T4040F T9.450 TC48 TL100 TN95FA
9482 T4040V T9.480 TC48DA TL100A TS100
9484 T4050 T9.505 TC55 TL70 TS110
9680 T4050F T9.530 TC55DA TL80 TS115
9682 T4050V T9.560 TD5010 TL80A TS115A
9684 T5040 T9.565 TD5020 TL90 TS125
9880 T5050 T9.600 TD5030 TL90A TS125A
9882 T5060 T9.615 TD5040 TM115 TS135
9884 T5070 T9.645 Td5050 TM120 TS135A
BOOMER 1020 T6010 T9.670 TD5050HC TM125 TS6020
BOOMER 1025 T6020 T9.700 TD75D TM130 TS6030
BOOMER 1030 T6030 T9020 TD80D TM135 TS6030 HIGH-CLEARANCE
BOOMER 2030 T6040 T9030 TD85D TM140 TS90
BOOMER 2035 T6050 T9040 TD95D TM150 TT45A
BOOMER 3040 T6060 T9050 TG210 TM155 TT50A
BOOMER 3045 T6070 T9060 TG215 TM165 TT55
BOOMER 3050 T6080 TB100 TG230 TM175 TT60A
BOOMER 40 T7.170 TB110 TG245 TM190 TT75
BOOMER 4055 T7.175 CLASSIC TB120 TG255 TN55 TT75A
BOOMER 4060 T7.185 TC18 TG275 TN60A TV140
BOOMER 50 T7.210 CLASSIC TC21 TG285 TN60DA TV145
BOOMER 8N T7030 TC21DA TG305 TN60SA TV6070
T1010 T7040 TC23 TJ275 TN65 TZ18
T1030 T7050 TC2410 TJ280 TN70 TZ18DA
T1110 T7060 TC2420 TJ325 TN70A TZ22
T1510 T7070 TC24D TJ330 TN70DA TZ22DA
T1520 T7530 TC25 TJ375 TN70SA TZ24
T2210 T7550 TC26 TJ380 TN75 TZ24DA
T2220 T8.275 TC26DA TJ425 TN75A TZ25
T2310 T8.300 TC29 TJ430 TN75DA TZ25DA
T2320 T8.330 TC29DA TJ450 TN75F WORKMASTER 45
T2330 T8.360 TC30 TJ480 TN75FA WORKMASTER 55
T2410 T8.360 TC31 TJ500 TN75SA WORKMASTER 75