New Holland Mini Exvacators

New Holland Agriculture, part of CNH global, has roots back to the Spery corporation of 1947. Prior backing has also come from Ford motor company, and today's fiat Ltd. CNH is one of the largest equipment conglomerates in the world offering everything from large combines and tractors down to small lawn and garden equipment.

New Holland Mini Exvacators
200SR E20.2 E27 E30B E35SR EC240
E15 E20.2SR E27.2SR E30SR E40.2SR EH15.B
E16 E20SR E27B E35 E40SR EH27.B
E18 E22.2SR E30 E35.2SR E50B EH30.B
E18B E22SR E30.2SR E35B E9SR EH35.B