Allis Chalmers T-811 Specifications



• Production End: 1985 (Year)
• Production Start: 1978 (Year)


• Cooling: air
• Fuel: gasoline
• Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
• Rated RPMs: 3600

Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower

• Power Steering: manual

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Titus Presler scored a 5 on 7/19/2011
In July 2011, our Allis Chalmers T-811 is still going strong. Mfg date unknown, but maybe 1980, so that's 31 years. Rototiller is getting a good workout this summer. Also have mower, dozer blade & trailer for it. Manual mostly intact, but can't figure out how to install the main drive belt, so if anyone has helpful advice on that, let me know please! Just to clarify, I have no interest in selling, but just letting folks know these are great machines.

Ron scored a 5 on 4/26/2014
Hello, I have a T-811, and since its been a month since I found the right solenoid part I needed, I can't remember the exact wiring of the solenoid. I also can take photos of the main drive belt if that helps someone. I will submit numerous photos if i figure out how to attach them.

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