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John Deere 535

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Randy Scott scored a 4 on 10/4/2015
One of the best round balers JD has ever made. This is a non-electronic baler; you don't have to have an operating bale monitor to run the baler. Baler should come with a bale monitor. Monitor has two gauges and three round lights. Gauges are used to square up the bale. Green, yellow, and red lights. Green:gate is shut tight and you are ready to go. Yellow: flashes when bale is about 90 percent to set height. Red: baler has started to tie the bale and a buzzer sounds. Baler has dual string tie for quicker tie. Baler options: net wrap, guage wheels on pickup. PTO available in 540 or 1000. Requires one hydralic dual tractor valve. Does not like wet hay, grass wraps around the feed roller. Recommend a sawzall to remove wrapped grass. Careful not to cut belts. Do not cut wrapped up net wrap off the roller by pressing blade against rubber rollers. If rollers are damaged the wrap will be more likely to wrap around the rollers. JD dealer warned me of this. I've owned this baler for about 10 years. In the 1980's I ran a few JD experimental balers for a big farmer around Ottumwa, Iowa's JD works. I've also ran a few Vermeer balers. No experience with New Holland big round balers. No experience with any of the newer electronic balers either.

Anonymous scored a 5 on 12/28/2018
Really like my 535 baler. A couple of years ago the monitor failed and I just kept on baling without it — just did a count from side to side like we used to to form an even bale. Now, with a v-rake the windrow is exactly the same size so bales are perfect every time. No bells and whistles to worry about ever!

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