New Holland BC5080 Specifications



• Bale Length: 12 to 52 in
• Bale Size: 16x18 in


• Pickup Lift: hydraulic
• Pickup Type: Cat. IV
• Twine Capacity: Eight balls


• Height: 71 inches
• Length: 247 inches
• Width: 120 inches

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Gembel scored a 5 on 8/23/2012
The evolution in hay maganement was inevitable. I realized some years ago as a young cow / calf herdsman that the sprial formation of the bale presented an opportunity to conserve hay during feeding. Notice how the animals are able to pull away large sheets from the round side, searching through the hay turning the extremely tight unit into a loose and scattered pile that rapidly decreases in nutritional value because of weather and animal waste.My idea was to limit access to the flat ends only, this would be with a bale that has not been stored outside or if stored outside you should unroll the bale until all the bad is rolled off down to fresh hay all around before feeding. By putting this cylinder into a tough plastic sleeve you would allow them to eat from the dense spiral. Keep in mind from side to side is maximum 62 . That gives the horse a mere 30 from each side of the sleeve to reach the middle and clean up all the fresh hay.

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