New Holland CR9065 Specifications



• Fuel Capacity: 264 gal


• Transport Width: 10’ 10” ft
• Weight: 36,722 lbs
• Wheelbase: 148 inches


• Aspiration: turbo
• Cooling: air-to-air intercooled
• Cylinders: 6
• Displacement: 629 ci
• Fuel: diesel
• Manufacturer: New Holland
• Model: Cursor 13

Engine Power
Engine Power

• Horsepower (Rated): 463 HP

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Cindy scored a 5 on 11/6/2012
Larry, I bet there have been such studies but I haven't seen any. What made a HUGE drnefiefce for us is using a round bale feeder. We've been using one for a while now and it really does work. I'll have to post Part 4 and talk about that. Basically the horses don't have the opportunity to walk all over the hay. It stays within the confines of the feeder and the horses also seem to be uniformly separated while eating it, which reduces fighting. Cindy, I think that's a great idea and I've wondered about that myself. In old-timey pictures and at museums I see evidence of pitchforks dishing out hay rations. I imagine square bales are a somewhat newer invention. I would say that round bales are fine to use this way but choose carefully, as many round bales are stored out in the open and are loaded with mildew. That's fine for cows but horses can't have the mildew hay and usually won't eat it anyway.

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