New Idea 7220 Specifications



• Bale Length: 1-4.3 ft in
• Bale Width: 1.3 ft in


• Height: 5.5 ft inches
• Length: 20.3 ft inches
• Weight: 4376.2 lbs
• Width: 8.7 ft inches

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Solange scored a 5 on 11/6/2012
I, too, am struggling to find the most enoiomccal, safe way to feed round bales. During the drought years, I simply unloaded a couple of bales in a convenient spot and the horses finished off most of the hay with very little waster. This winter we are having normal precip. This means that the round bales become surrounded by a sea of mud and poop rather quickly. I am looking into round bale feeders and have been looking at the big bale buddy hay bags myself. Have many of you used them? I refuse to use the horse hay rings because I know of three horses who have had to be put down because of injuries involving metal horse round bale feed rings.TC, Lucy

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